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Aug. 5th, 2007

bedtime story desperately needed

I haven't been here for a while 'cos my Internet connection at home is not working at all these days. **And it's driving me crazy!!!!** Fortunately, my sister is away with her family for a couple of days and tonight I'm staying at her flat, trying to make up for all the days without access to the online world. Tall order, I must say.
I was later planning to watch some movies but I guess I'm too tired. Or actually, I have something better to do... There is this nice pile of beautifully illustrated books in my niece's room that is tempting me... I've been re-reading Bruno Schulz's stories recently (we had them at secondary school) but, not having the book with me at my sister's place, I guess I just need to get my dose of "the bizarre" in the simplified form of a typical fairytale for children ;) A proper LJ-update will thus have to wait. The child in me needs a bedtime story. A goodnight kiss would also be nice ;)

Jul. 17th, 2007

Packing to W and V

So, tomorrow I'm going on this trip to the ZOO in Wrocław with my father and my niece. it was supposed to be a one-day trip but there are chances of me staying at my cousin Aneta's place in Brzeg for the night and coming back home the next day. I'm kinda excited about the trip 'cos I'm a bit fond of Wrocław.At the same time I'm a little bit afraid of the heat. It's hardly bearable and I've already got two kids to take care of. My niece and my dad that is ;-)

The news of the day is that I am going to take part in the German language course in Vienna so I'll be there already in September. i got a confirmation letter today.
Gotta start packing. ;-) I'm a  freakish packing perfectionist.

Oh, and the discovery of the day was that our cable TV includes the E! channel and that I'm much more effective doing the ironing while following the list of the most affluent celebrities. Another discovery was that watching a 1-hour biography of Paris Hilton (yes, I was determined to watch the whole of it...) can leave one with a bunch of serious existential questions. Honestly. :-P

Jul. 16th, 2007

Family trip and smažený hermelín

My weekend turned out unexpectedly attractive... It started with mundane house cleaning all Saturday. Even my PC and Internet connection refused to work properly so as not to distract me from the noble attempt to come to grips with the chaos in my room. But then, in the evening, my mum suddenly announced that the next day "WE [me & my parents] are going on a 1-day trip to the Czech mountains." They had forgotten to tell me. Right. The truth was that the small & cheap travel agency they usually go on trips with didn't gather enough participants for the trip to happen so my mum enrolled me to rescue the whole event from coming to nothing :P Also, my dad, being a hothead, sometimes becomes a real nuisance in situations when we generally expect him to be relaxed, such as mountain hiking, so my mum wanted me to serve as a sort of family buffer. Well, I admit I had mixed feelings about it 'cos, much as I love him, I can bear my father and his complaining in small doses only and I wanted to save my nerves for the Wrocław Zoo trip with him and my niece, a trip which he has planned for this week. But well, the prospects of having a nice walk in the mountains, observing nature, getting some suntan aaaand having real Czech smažený syr for dinner was far too strong a temptation to resist. Besides, even the horoscope in my local newspaper (the only horoscope I sometimes read, even though I hardly care about what it foretells) said I may save my family from a nasty disagreement, so I really felt obliged to help my mum bear my dads possible grumbles.

And so we went to climb  the Praděd - the highest peak in Moravia. We were initially disappointed that the track to the top is largely asphalt (and we had out heavy leather mountian shoes on!) but then... a charming landscape on our way down the yellow track (which I recommend to any mountian lover) made our day. It was simlpy beautiful... All the rocks, fallen treas, a murmuring brook with a coulpe of small waterfalls... simply a small paradise!
Well, almost. As expected, my dad had to discharge his share of complaining His favorite cause of complaint is an incompetent bus driver. The one we had this time was very slow indeed so I forced myself into my fathers shoes and managed to understand his grumbling :P Besides, I had a (little bit disappointing) book on the Czech society with me and tried to entertain myself and my dad by reading parts of in aloud. Gosh, impatient adults are to be treated like children, I guess. Also, I dropped my camera and most of my photos are gone. Fortunately, my parents had their own equipment so there are some photos to download and see :-)
Finally, before setting off for the whole trip, as I packed my rucksack in a rush, I forgot to charge my cellphone battery and couldn't really send SMSs later on; I didn't update my LJ (I didn't even check if my Internet connection was back...), I forgot about important dates...

Generally, however, the trip was far better than I would normally expect. As I eagerly looked into my plate with smažený syr during out dinner in the hostel, I came to the conclusion that this family trip was like smažený hermelín. If I had listened to the waitress and ordered an ordinary cheese instead of the smelly Czech hermelin, that is: if I had not given this trip a chance for fear of my father's complaining, or if I had smelled the (honestly, stinking) cheese too much before eating it - that is: if I had cared too much about what my father said, I would have missed much - new experience, new taste, new perspective. Although I still prefer ordinary smažený syr to hermelin and although I'd still prefer my father to be an oasis of calm, I'm able to tolerate and enjoy more than I'd expect. I just need to remember about that.

I hope this optimistic attitude won't leave  me soon...

Jun. 12th, 2007

2 more exams to go...

... and I'll be back to life :) Damn, I feel as if I was one big head and nothing more... ;) Blah. Yesterday I was on the verge of becoming a eurosceptic.. Having studied for my "Introduction to European Studies" exam for sooo long I simply couldn't even stand the sound of our continent's name :P. It's better now that the exam is over. The bad thing is that the next one is on Thursday and I technically haven't had the time to study yet.
Any fingers left free and could be crossed for me? I'd be more than grateful.

May. 25th, 2007

Everything and anything can be bought nowadays.

Today I bought 400 mililiters of... air. Well, ok, it was not ordinary air but compressed air used to clean computer keyboards, etc.  Still, it was so funny to say "400ml of air, please" to the shop assistant. I couldn't stop laughing.

Apr. 21st, 2007

I hate bureaucracy...

... and unfortunately the combination of chaos and bureaucracy is what has been occupying me since Easter :P   I can't wait for the moment all my Erasmus arrangements will be made... *When oh when?*
And I need to buy a laptop soon and the prospect of spending much money and making use of all my savings is not an optimistic one :-/

I wanted to write about a couple of things that happened recently, but somehow i cannot even arrange them in my mind. The chaos in my department's student exchange office must be "infectiuos" ;-)

Oh, yes, one thing I want to share is my "academic" contribution to my uni. department.   A group of some younger students wanted to do something with the awfully Unkempt patio in our department and, since I honestly couldn't join them in cleaning or painting this week, I chipped in with my friend Ewa and we... bought a rhododendron :) I'll take care of it, at least till I'm in Poznań, and I hope it will grow big and beautiful :) Hihi, there's always a way to leave a personal mark somewhere... not that I wouldn't like to become an exquisite linguist and be able to make some more academic contributions ;-) For now I can at least make my department a greener and more pleasant plAce :D

Apr. 1st, 2007

I may prefer mountains to the see but I really like ships...

... and my favorite kind is friend-ship. And this special ship may actually come by train. And there should be some extra connections for spontaneous "ships" with friends because such spontaneous visits rule (and should not end that quickly because of a limited number of train connections!)! And Dori rules for being such a spontaneous sailor of friend-ship. Since I can only speak for myself, I'll say that I had a wonderful time with her and I'll miss her and our (today's and yesterday's) walks around Poznań soooooo much. Still, such visits are definitely worth the post-visit longing, because we have nice memories to ease the parting. (I demand more and cheaper Warszawa-Poznań trains!) Yes, and there always remains a whole group of important and unimportant matters I somehow forget to share with Dori. Hmm, but it simply feels like I don't really need anything more that the presence of a friend, especially if it's a rare one. :) Being with  friends, all other issues of my life are put aside.

We took a couple of photos and I'm really looking forward to see/share them in due time... (Dori, remember I want at least the portraits at the railway station  : ) )

And... We watched the clip, "Pop! goes my heart," which was totally funny but shall not be mentioned anymore this time 'cos I'm now trying to cure myself from the image of Hugh grant in his frilly shirt, tight pants, etc. that I still ahve in my head. (As a compromiose, I'm now listening to the other song from the same movie)

There was one especially important, entertaining, nostalgic (...) great thing we did with Dori. We watched FFH! :) This was the first time I saw it since we left Latvia, so I was all very very very excited. OMG, on the one hand, it feels like ages ago; but on the other hand, those memories are still so vivid. I was so great to see us all together :) (and so strange and funny to watch myself. I've discovered I can have a friendly/understanding laugh at myself and that seems good.) Actually, I'm still so excited about it... yah, who cares about studying... I need to watch soem bits of FFh again NOW!!!

(Dzieki za wszystko, Dori :)

Mar. 29th, 2007

good&bad&ordinary news

And again I feel like writing about so many different things... I need some form of a system to shorten my flow of words. Maybe this'll work:

The good news is that:

- my application for Erasmus was ACCEPTED!!!!
So, unless sth seriously problematic crops up...*wait a sec! this was supposed to be about GOOD news! Start again...*
I'm going to spend my next winter semester in VIENNA! :)) Where are my guidebooks?! Viennese museums, parks,...., beware, I'm coming!

-  my salsa course ended some time ago nad since it wasn't thaaaat much fun for me I decided to look for something else and I went to... BELLY DANCE classes... Yes, you've heard/read it right; strange as it may seem :P Honestly,  I would have never ever thought such things are for me... but it's actually so much fun!!! And there are few steps so I don't get lost and lose the rhythm much.  And it doesn't require much space so I can practice at home as well (which was a bit of a problem when I tried to dance salsa) And although it's not really that exhausting and I'm not loosing weight, and I'm not reeeally good at it, etc. it atcually made me LIKE MYSELF more (my body, I mean). It's more than a dance. It teaches patience, makes you calm and energetic at the same time. Physically & mentally... And, well, don't get me wrong, I really like men, but... It's kinda nice that we are all women there; many of us being not that young and not that slim (if ya know what I mean...) and we still try to muster some grace in the moves we make, successfully or not... And, insignificant as it may seem, the long colourful/shiny skirts some of us have are cute, I must say :)  Yeah, I've found my type of "dancing".

- I'm getting more and more proficient in finding my no-charge methods of entertaining myself. :) I've been to two nice plays recently. One was in German Konig Ubu (Ubu Roi/ King Ubu)and I understood litttle beyond the general storyline, but the acting was so professional it made it all really worthwhile. The other was E.Ionesco's "Jacques, ou la soumission" (Jack or the submission / Kubuś czyli uległość). This one was in Polish, fortunately, 'cos I wouldn't wanna miss all the language-based pjokes, puns that is. :)) One joke actually saved my day, 'cos it referred to cats and the topic of cats was very important to me that day (for the reasons given it the "bad news" part)

The ordinary news is that:

- I had to give up leaving some of my stuff at my faculty's library lockers throughout the day 'cos other people got the same idea and there were no free lockers left for those who wanted to enter the library. And so the librarians "rebelled." Of course they were right. I knew that from the very beginning, but it was sooooo damn comfortable (hihi or should I say: light) without all the kilograms of books I often have to carry with me :(( My poor spine will really miss the locker. And they say that studying is a mental activity... Nope, carrying my bags today - I sometimes need 2 bags of Thursday - is an arduous, physical, spine-damaging task! :P

The bad news is that ...
... well, it somehow doesn't feel right to mention this as the last thing and i should have devoted a separate entry to that sad fact, but I couldn't have done that 'cos there was something wrong with my internet connection at that time... anyways...
I used to have a dog and 2 cats (in Tychy). And we allowed the cats to go outside quite freely' cos we somehow feel pity for those cats who are kept indoors all the time (and may get crazy or depressed). And everything was fine as we live in a quiet neighborhood with little traffic in the nearest vicinity. But... Now I have just 1 cat, the younger one. Her mom, Nina, is gone :((( And because I really can't blame the cat for her behavior and I don't want to blame my family for the freedom we gave to our cats, just let me say... I HATE CARELESS DRIVERS! :(((

- My old and epileptic dog is really old and epileptic, and any day...

So as to finish this post on a less sad note... The Easter break is coming. The spring has already come and the days seem longer, especially after the time change. And me & my flatmate got some flowers in the kitchen. :)))

Mar. 22nd, 2007


I really have nothing against that beautiful (!!!) SNOW I see on the second day of the calendar SPRING, but I won't be that happy is it snows in June, etc. Dear Mother Nature, don't freak out, or I'll freak out.

Mar. 17th, 2007

attic... attracted... possibly addicted...

My Irish theater night was indeed exciting, if not magical. Initially it all got a bit wrong when my friend called and told me she couldn't go and I couldn't find anyone else to join me 'cos half of the people I know in Posnań has the flu and the othr half was busy with their studies, etc. Damn, I got mad 'cos it took me some effort to get those free tickets & I wanted to celebrate my first time at the cafe/club/theater "U przyjaciół" ("At friend's place") with friends! I've heard soooo much about that place and visited their website a couple of times but somehow could not end up going there. This time I promised myself not to miss the chance, and I'm very grateful to myself I went there.

The play was awesome! The story line was actually quite simple. Since it's St Patrick's Day, it was the legend of that saint, "the true version of the legend" as the posters said ;-) The thing is that the atmosphere was extraordinary. The whole event started outdoors at a small square and than we moved upstairs (up a very old wooden staircase) and ended up in an attic of an old tenement house. That's where the play was performed. The stage was actually screened with a sheet so we could only see the shadows but it was this very effect and the atmosphere of an old attic ( enthusiastic and funny actors an even more enthusiastic and relatively small audience) that made the whole event really special.  I feel like going there again ASAP, aspecially that I still haven't actually been in the cafe itself. I only know it's attic :-) Yes, "U Przyjaciół" is definitely worth becoming my  next "magical spot" in Poznań. i need more of such places, especially when I miss soem people or places far away.

One other such place is at Poznań's newly opened part of the Old Brewery Center (Stary Browar). Nope, it's not that I like shopping there. Most of the shops seem to posh for me, but there's this one place at a small square between the older and the newer part of that shopping mall... That place in Poznań is my personal substitute of the railway station in Kraków... Now that I've discovered that spot I'll go ther everytime I miss Kraków and it's railway station. (Yes, some people can miss railway stations...)

Hmmm... I wanted to write sth about my new dance experience but neee... Let this note be my reminder to do it next time.

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