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herzlich willkommen

Today I told myself:  "No matter how tired I may be in the evening, I am finally gonna update my LJ." But since I'm actually about to fall asleep after yet another exhaustingly active day and i need to get up at 6 tomorrow to register for PE classes, I guess I can excuse myself for taking the easiest way round and starting with the post I began to write almost a week ago (and was wise enough to copy before my Internet got kaputt , as the Germans say). Huh, i can't believe it was such a long time ago... Anyway, here it is...

”Miracles happen. From now on I have Interent in my own room. Wunderbar!!!! I'm just wondering whether I'll have the time to use it :P There is soooo much going on right now that... No, no ,no I'm not complaining. NOT AT ALL!! The only thing that anoys me is the weather. It god bad yesterday and today it's raining heavily.
That is why I've decided not to take photos yet. Vienna deserves to be photographed in good weather in the first place. There'll be much time for rainy photos yet, I guess. Besides, i don't want to take photos in a hurry and I'm now on the go all the time.
My German course has already started and as yet my schedule has been the following: classes from 9:00 till 13:00. Then some shopping for food and a lunch (I'm trying to eat up all the food I have taken from Poland first so I haven't been to any restaurants or canteens yet). Then I do my homework , which is quite time consuming as we get many things to do. Fortunately, I was put in a proper group. The level I mean. We have started with Passiv and that is exactly where I've ended my self-study. My priority is to revise vocabulary as sometimes I actually don't remember the simplest words. But so do some of the others, as far as I've noticed. Phew :D Anyway, after I do my homework I meet with other people from my dorm and we party together. As yet all the parties were organized by ESN (Erasmus Student Network) so I got to know people from so many countries I won't even try to list them. If I may say that there are some with whom I hang out more than with others than these would be Karol, Ania and Kasia -  3 Poles who fortunately insist on speaking German/English most of the time. Yes, Poles are everywhere and I couldn't escape them. I didn't even try as they leave next door.). Then there is also a guy from Serbia, one from Norway and 2 girls from Hungaria and my roommate from Switzerland.  As we live on the same floor and share the kitchen, we spend quite a lot of time together... "

So, this is where my unfinished post ended and in general I'd say the first week was mostly INTEGRATIVE (new people,  new places, parties...) and the second one has turned very ADMINISTRATIVE. All day long I'm busy if not with my German course than with various bureaucratic stuff I need to do to register into the courses that I want to attend.  My co-ordinator (a very nice lady as far as I can say after our first meeting today) offered me some help but since I'm attempting to have courses at 3 different departments, I need to do most of the registration myself. Busy, busy,busy…

I hope the third week will finally be more sightseeing-oriented 'cos as yet I've only been to Oberes Belvedere to seen my beloved Klimt and to Freud's Museum, because it is in the neighborhood :-D I'm not loosing hope of finally finding the time to put some details and photos here ;) I have also visited the dorm where I'm gonna live since October. Not the best one I could expect and far worse than my current one but anyways...
Oh, and I've also seen the Pope, who happened to be in Vienna last weekend. And on Saturday I'm going to Melk, Wachau and I hope the gorgeous photos of these places that I've seen on the Internet were not improved in PhotoShop ;-) The weather got a little bit better today and I hope the sunny sky is here to stay for some time and that I can finally take some photos with my lousy camera.

**As I have just noticed, the word ‘hope’ has been used so many time in this post that it  says it all: I’m really looking forward to my time here!!! Yet, some many times when I was excited by something here I wanted to share my feelings with you all immediately… I miss you, despite all the business I have here…**




There are so many Polish students here as well ;)
We have really a lot of Portuguese and quite some French but there are little Italians and Scandinavians (I haven't met any so far)

Nice to hear from you. I could also came to Brno for a free 4 week language course but I didn't know about it. One girl from Holland I know learnt really a lot at the course. I believe it will be the same with your German ;)


+ On our way to brno we drove through Vienna; I was hoping to see you somewhere ;)
:))) Yes, the life of an exchange student is VERY busy, especially in the beginning... but it's so worth it. :)
może to egoizm, ale tęsknię i chcę żebyś wróciła :*