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so this is it: I'm leaving to Vienna...

... (first to katowice from where my train departs) in about an hour and I should reach Sudbahnhof at about 6:00. Then I need to get to my hostel. Sounds easy, but when I look at my huuuuuge and heavy suitcase I have doubts. My meager knowledge of German only adds to the general feeling of anxiety. But there's no turning back. Nope, not after all the trouble. Having survived this last busy week, full of goodbyes, errands, etc. I need to believe Vienna won't swallow me :P
I'll be back ASAP. Luv U all!


Very best of luck :)
Nice trip to the south! For the following few months you'll be living souther the me ;)

well not much will change for the online friends so no need to say goodbye here ;)