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herbal cure, all-cure, faith-cure... anything!

Yes, I'm yet another person with a mild cold. I mean, I hope it's mild, even though the cough is killing me. It's so hot outside and so many people have cold... Blah. I dream of ice-creams but I need to be healthy before I leave to Vienna. I've even managed to persuade myself that the mysteriously tasting pectoral species my mum has bought for the cough are a must and will cure me. Absolutely. :P

What sucks most is that I'm a bit less energetic due to the cold whereas I actually have so much to do, e.g. today was mostly spent with my mum on repairing, narrowing, shortening (...) some of my clothes. There are things to buy or arrange, e-mails to be written... The fact that I depend on my parents when it comes to funds and some arrangements doesn't help. Nor does my limited access to the Internet.

How I wish I were in Vienna already. Once I have my own budget (limited as it will be) and a safe room with proper Internet, a fascinating city and friendly people around I'll be fine. And I hope no herbal brews will be needed :P

Tomorrow is the last meeting of my self-defence group. Don't worry, I did not join the odd populist Polish political party called Self-Defence (Samoobrona). No way. I'm not sick enough, even now.  :) I've simply been attending free summer classes in self-defence for a few weeks. I have no idea why I forgot to mention that in my last LJ post... The classes are organized annually by the municipal police in Tychy. I had always wanted to join but the dates never suited me and my summer plans.  Huh, staying at one's hometown in the summer has some good sides after all...  Anyway, I'm now hoping to experience some kind of a medical miracle that will cure my cold overnight and allow me to go to the last meeting, at least to get my dyploma ;)

IMPORTANT NEWS is that I finally have an account on Skype.  In case you're there and I can't find you, you can find me as karolinakle I do hope it will work. Haven't had the chance to arrange a test-talk with someone yet...  


I see.