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armchair travel

Yes, I'm still alive, just that my PC was broken for some time or we had no Internet connection or there were awful storms and we had to disconnect our freshly repaired Internet connection or, finally, there was little connection or, I should say, communication between me and my dad and I didn't feel like visiting "his" TV room which is the only place in my house with the above-mentioned faulty access to the Internet. Blah...

Anyway, some nice things happened since my last post, such as a one-day trip to the nearest mountains, but otherwise I generally stay at my hometown creating lists of all the little things to do and buy before my departure to Vienna, visiting the few friends from secondary school that are in Tychy at present (most of them is somewhere abroad now), watching movies and GG. Yessss, the long-awaited 7th season is finally on Polish TVN7... Sadly, it started 2 weeks ago and with one episode per week I will only manage to watch the first four. Heh...

Oh and I'm trying to learn German, but in a house/garden full of people it is more trying than learning. I'm suffering from a shortage of both motivation and free/quiet time as for about 3 weeks I'm surrounded not only by my family but also our guests: my uncle and aunt + my 3 cousins + 3-5 of their friends who visit us every day - morning till late afternoon - to play table tennis in our garden ('cos that's the only unoccupied space left at our place :P ). Yeap, the sound of table tennis ball is haunting me every day, but well, at least someone is using our old table tennis equipment :)

What else? I'm doing my best not to read all the academic books that I honestly should read during the summer to finally gat an idea on what to write my Master's thesis about. Instead of reading psycholinguistic e-journals I'm occupying myself with travel books and biographies of travellers. And I'm eagerly making up for my absence here, reading travel accounts of my LJ friends. I know it's only armchair travel. Yes, it is a substitute, but actually a very very good one (Thank you all for the pics!). It is a remedy. And I don't care that the armchair is uncomfortable or that it's in my father's room. Not anymore. I'm already far away...

2 weeks to go and I'll be starting my 3-week language course in Vienna... Der, die, das...


two more weeks and I'll be in Brno ;)

I found out that Vienna is actually closer to Brno then Prague. Only 1,5h by train. We could visit each other easily ;)

Are you going to have the same mobile phone number in Vienna? I am planning to change mine in Brno.
Your semester starts already in September or you are going to Brno to see the sights?

Yeah, it would be really great if we could meet. I'm not sure if my budget can include a trip to Brno but I'll try to check that. Or we could met in Vienna, since yuo're going to be there with your UN group anyway, right?

Most probably I'll have two mobile phone numbers in Austria - the current, Polish one and a new Austrian one. I've actually heard that the Erasmus Student Network in Vienna customarily gives every Erasmus student a free mobile prepay card. Nice :) I might not get that before October though :/ Anyways, I'll let you know asap.
Oh, and I'm just about to download Skype and get an account :)
My classes start on the 19th of September; the orientation week starts before (10th of September). Sooner you come to Brno bigger is the possiblility of having an internet connection in the room ;) Since my mom and Edo are joining me (and staying for a few days) I have no problems going to Brno a bit earlier.

Yes, we are supposed to come to Vienna with our UN group. If the wish of visiting Vienna appears more then once (+ if my budger woulod allowd me that) I could have another visit.

Go Skype! ;)
Nice that yuo have a whole week to familiarize yuorself with everything :) As far as I know there's only a short orientation session on 1st Oct. at my faculty in Vienna and that will have to suffice...

Do you know the exact date of your trip to V? I really really hope we'll manage to meet on this or other occasion.

You can find me on Skype as karolinakle
Havn't really tested it yet but I hope it works :)