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move-d :-)

Yes, yes, I finally did it! i have a new room now, on the 6th flood, which means I have much more daylight and the inner energy one gets thants to it. Or so I hope ;-)  The first thing i did after moving was a trip to the nearest shop to buy a plant. As it was on Friday, during the looong weekend, many shops were closed and my choice was pretty limited. Still, i bought a flower, got a GREEN pot for it for free  (my obsession with green - have I mentioned it? - continues...). Now it feels like home. I just need to do one more thing - hang the Audrey Hepburn poster I bought some time ago. Now I finally have the right place for it as I know I'm gonna stay here for soem time. Yessss.

What I don't particularly like about the 6th floor is that it's not the 1st floor :-P That is: I need to use (and wait for) the lifts, the few people I've met in the kitchen so far don't seem to care (they did't even tell me their names when I enthusiastically tried to introduced myself to them... huh...) and people are allowed to SMOKE  in the kitchen. Blaaaah. There are actually 2 kitchens on the floor and for now i'm using the one which is further away from my room, only because there is only one smoker there (= fewer chances of smoke in the lunchtime). I try to comfort myself saying that I won't have much time to cook&eat in the kitchen anyway and that i will become an even more dedicated non-smoker :-D

A few words about the weekned itself...

On Thursday I went with a newly met Polish student to the Zentralfriedhof. The place is kinda park-like (some people go there to read newspapers!) but there was the 1. Nov atmosphere in the air as well. I was happy to find out that Austrians don't swamp the graves with flowers and candles as much as Poles do. :-) We didn't manage to see all the different kinds of cemeteries they have there, e.g. the Greek one :-/ but the Jewish one was great  to see as there were not htat many people there. The spot with graves of famous composers was obviosuly haunted by tourists, but I had been expecting even more of them, so the overall impression was positive. And, I got to know Kasia better. She is  a former English language student who is now studying Economy, and since she comes from my region of PL, we had a lot to discuss.
Friday was the moving-out day and I didn't get to see anything in the city. Instead, Kasia and another Erasmus student from Finland came for a movie-night. Among others, we watched Before Sunrise again (in English this time). Heh, this movie always provokes much discussion both about life, love and Vienna among Erasmus students. :-D
Yesterday was what i would call GELB TAG  (yellow day - guess why :-P). I went with two other friend to see Schonbrunn Gardens, as I was actually one of the very few people who had not been there before (so finding company  was not that easy :P) Anyway, I decided to see the palace only  from the outside that day and, taking advantege of the relatively good weather, go to the Tiergarden instead. Much as i love visiting castles, etc. i think we made a good choice. This Zoo was a bit different form the ones I've seen in Poland. And they have Koalas! And the famous baby Panda! Well, ok, tourists are only allowed to see his father these days, but still... All in all, I'm sure I need to go back to the gardens some time again. I already have a ticket to the Palmhouse, to be used within a year ;-)


Yay for your new room! The good thing about elevators is that you can meet new people there. ;) Smoking in the kitchen, yuck. And the thing usually is that local students (didn't you say that most students on that floor are Austrian) ain't too much into making friends with Erasmus students.

I plan on spending a day in Schönbrunn. I need to see the castle and the Zoo (and I assume all of this takes time). It is supposedly the oldest Zoo in the World. And I've never seen a panda before! Do they have giraffes and penguins?

Btw, how long are shops open in Vienna? I guess they close pretty early in the evening.
Yeap, most people on the floor are Austrian. But well, I'll survive somehow :)

Hmmm, I'm wondering if you'll manage to see the castle and the Zoo in one day. It may be a bit exhausting if you also want to have walk in the gardens, etc. Check how early the close the castle, though. Maybe it won't be that bad. Well, you can always split the trip in two. Yes, the Zoo has girraffes and penguins. Some small crocodiles and monkeys were on display as well ;) Yes, yuo're right that it is (supposedly) the oldes Zoo in the world. I'd say I've seen bigger ones, etc. but I liked this one as well.

As for shops, the supermarkets around close at about 19:00 or 19:30 and on 16-17:00 on Saturday. As for others, that really depends. Small shops close earlier but the chain shops, e.g. on Mariahilferstrasse, should be opened till 19:00... Honestly, I haven't done much shopping or window-shopping so far, but I wan't to go to Neubaugasse - I've heard it has interesting, avant garde shops to offer...
Yea, I know that the castle closes early. I will see how it works out - if I get tired then I can just return to the city center and do the other part on another day. I know there is a little train that tours around the gardens, hehe. Well, it will depend on the weather a lot.

I plan on making this a more cultural/fun trip, but I know that I will wanna shop as well. :P