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If one person in my dorm is finally gonna move out of his room, then another person is gonna move into that room an I'm gonna take the room of the other person. Unless the portier leaves for the long weekend and we won't be able to check out properly. Riiiiiight. The never-ending process of arranging things... **I shouldn't have got involved into the moving business**
Anyway, my potentially new room is gonna be smaller, with poorer furniture, less equipped kitchen (no table!) but I think it's brighter and less noisy. I also do hope I won't lose touch with the fer Erasmus students from my current kitchen as in the new one there's gonna be only 2 of us (me and a Spanish girl). The rest is Austrian. Of course, Austrian doesn't meen bad or unfriendly, just not-the-Erasmus-one...

And now a pathetic story. The long weekend (4 days off) starts on Thursday and: one of my closest people here, Barbora, has left for the whole week to visit her boyfriend in England. Another Czech friend, Marcela is expecting her boyfriend tomorrow. The boyfriend of my closest Polish friend  here - Marta - is coming on Thursday. Ania is now in Poland, celebrating sth with her ... surprise, surprise...boyfriend. OK, I really think going to museums alone is better than in a group 'cos you may take your time,etc. BUT there are many other things to do here WITH OTHERS. A possible solution would be getting myself a boyfriend as well ;-) Right, just need to pick someone form the waiting list. Oh, right, there isn't any. Well ,ok , I have my phone and email book at least... So what are (the yet undefined) WE are going to do this weekend??

Oh, most probably my mum is gonna visit me for one day (10 or 11th Nov). Well, it's not the same as with a boyfriend but at least someone who loves me for sure... And I may be sure to get lots of delicious food from her...
OK.enough of this pathetic single girl crap.

The autumn is gorgeous! Why do I always have to carry so many other thing but I forget about my camera??!! I MUST have the city photographed.

They are already selling chestnuts here but I've decided (advised by Barbora) to wait with trying them out until it gets really cold and Christmas-like. I need the right atmosphere to enjoy them to the full. Or so Barbora said and I've been trying my best to believe her. I already lack strong will when it comes to chocolate here so I treat this as a remedial self-improvement exercise ;-)

Oh, I also wanted to mention I had a super Narionalfeiertag-sightseeing tour on Friday. Some national museums and the Parliament could be visited for free. Naturally, I couldn't say no. :-D


You know, I had initially wanted to visit you this weekend but then the constantly changing planes changed again, so I didn't even manage to present you the idea. I though presented you some ideas about my potential visit in my last post (under your comments on Jan's pics).

The timing was perfect but I blew it

The good thing about having Austrians around is the oportunity to learn German (okay Austrian German is somehow different but still...).

You have a point about BFs and Erasmus life; the majority of Slovenians here is in a relationship; + the majority of Slovenians who came to Brno single is not single anymore ;)
It was really funny on Monday (my Law faculty day); I was asking my course-mates about their weekend and they were all either at home visiting BFs or the opposite. + One of the single course mates found a GF *lol*

I (totally aware of the fact I am in the same "beautiful mess") though wouldn't advice you to get a BF abroad. It will get difficult once you'd have to return home