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Since it's the beginning of the  weekend I'm not gonna write in detail about the things that have been stressing me out lately, like some mess I still (!!!) have with picking the right subjects here 'cos I'm a poor strategist and  'cos my Uni. always "knows better," only does not inform me on time, etc. or about the fact that on Monday I'm finally gonna see my potentially new room, which I don't know if I want to move into 'cos I really don't feel like being an outsider on a new floor and in a new kitchen again. I'm still learning the names of the more-than-twenty people with whom I'm sharing my current one... I finally wanna feel like I have my own place here. I wanna buy a plant, I wanna make the room mine...
Right, I was supposed to write about pleasurable things, so let me start with a few photos, before I go to bed. (Tomorrow I'm planning to go to the Volksoper with Barbora and Marta... i need to get some good night sleep if I'm to STAND there for a couple of hours. Yeap, we're getting the cheap Standplatz)

Retrospection - September language course 1
The language course I attended in September was really great. It was a well-balanced mixture of learning, partying and sightseeing. I miss this balance now that I need to focus on studying much more...

"My people' at the September-course dorm. Unfortunately, now i only stay in touch with Ania.

With AKrol and Ania in front of Belvedere. That's where they keep Der Kuss. Gotta love Klimt no matter how cliche some people find him these days.

"Keller Party" at the dorm. The girl in the red T-Shirt is Barbora from Brno.

have I mentioned that the Pope was in Vienna in September? i was at the Stephansplatz for a moment. It was a strange experience as I had never witnessed the Pope's visit in the city center... I suppose people would not sip their coffies that calmly in Poland. But well, it's Vienna. Coffee rules the world here, not the Pope, I guess. (personally i find this picture very interesting from the sociological perspective....)

Another Viennese curiosity - newspaperstands. take a look at the message "Du sollst nicht stehlen." Nice :-D

A sample of the Innere Stadt now - Hofburg.


Why do I have to be such an ignorant! I tried to hide those photos so that they'd appear only after clicking on a title but it apparently doesn't work. Damn, my country is lucky that I'm not in the government. The mess we now have would be incomparably greater ;-)


Did I make it?? Yes, yes! Go me! Kartick for the President! ;-)
Vienna looks so cool! It is also nice to see you and your friends. :)