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I'll take the rain, I'll take the rain...

 As I know nothing more about my potentially new room 'cos (for quite dubious reasons, i'd say) it was not possible for me to see it yesterday, and sine the weather is getting colder and colder ( + it's raining cats and dogs right now!), I really feel like sharing some photos I took during my September trip to Melk and Wachau. How I miss the weather then...

Welcome to Stift Melk

The Gardens through which I walked with Johanna - a very nice Swedish student of urban design, who knew the Latin/English/Swedish and German names of almost all the plants we saw there. I was impressed.

As the garbage bin in the photo shows, simple ideas are often great.

The town itself.

Attention Umberto Eco's fans! This library inspired some of his ideas in The name of the Rose Or at least that's what the guide said ;-) Not that improbable though. The place is really impressive! Just that it's so beautiful (well not on my photos maybe...) that I think i wouldn't be able to study there :-P

My beloved staircase...

Time for soem Austrian folklore. Natürlich :D

Enter Wachau! it's not only that the valley is picturesque but also that it can be seen from the Donau perspective - sitting comfortably in a pleasure boat, as we did :)

Durnstein - even more Austrian "Gemütlichkeit"

A little bit of climbing up for a good end.

And back to the Blue Donau...
Wpisz Twoją zawartość wcięcia tutaj.


Great photos! The library is so impressive! And the staircase photo is probably my favourite. The last picture is like from a perfect love story. :)
Beautiful photos, beautiful weather... :)

And I agree with Kaisa, the last photo is just like taken from romantic story... ;)