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Nov. 9th, 2007

Music in da haus

I have not been to Albertina and Kunsthistorisches Museum yet. I'm not planning to go to Schonbrunn, as I've heard the Emperor Apartments in Hofburg are more interesting. I've only been to Volksoper but not to the bigger Staatsoper... Generally then, I have not visited the most popular, most famous places in Vienna yet. BUT, much as I reeeeally am a Museum animal, I do not feel sorry for that, as there is still some time for me AND today I've been to a MY BEST "MUSEUM" ever! Dori, do you remember how I liked the Cheaster Beatty Library in Dublin and said it was the best "museum" I had seen? Well, HAUS DER MUSIK took the first place now :-) INTERACTIVE MUSEUMS ruuuuuuuuule! I was there with Kasia for more than 5 hours and we didn't need a break in the meantime. Initially there were 2 Kasias with me but the second one lost interest after 2 hours. I mean, I have spend even more time in a museum but I always needed a break as my ability to appreciate the things I was looking at diminished with time, no matter how great/famous the exhibits were. This time it was all different because it was not visual art but an aural experience first of all...

Nov. 4th, 2007

move-d :-)

Yes, yes, I finally did it! i have a new room now, on the 6th flood, which means I have much more daylight and the inner energy one gets thants to it. Or so I hope ;-)  The first thing i did after moving was a trip to the nearest shop to buy a plant. As it was on Friday, during the looong weekend, many shops were closed and my choice was pretty limited. Still, i bought a flower, got a GREEN pot for it for free  (my obsession with green - have I mentioned it? - continues...). Now it feels like home. I just need to do one more thing - hang the Audrey Hepburn poster I bought some time ago. Now I finally have the right place for it as I know I'm gonna stay here for soem time. Yessss.

What I don't particularly like about the 6th floor is that it's not the 1st floor :-P That is: I need to use (and wait for) the lifts, the few people I've met in the kitchen so far don't seem to care (they did't even tell me their names when I enthusiastically tried to introduced myself to them... huh...) and people are allowed to SMOKE  in the kitchen. Blaaaah. There are actually 2 kitchens on the floor and for now i'm using the one which is further away from my room, only because there is only one smoker there (= fewer chances of smoke in the lunchtime). I try to comfort myself saying that I won't have much time to cook&eat in the kitchen anyway and that i will become an even more dedicated non-smoker :-D

A few words about the weekned itself...

On Thursday I went with a newly met Polish student to the Zentralfriedhof. The place is kinda park-like (some people go there to read newspapers!) but there was the 1. Nov atmosphere in the air as well. I was happy to find out that Austrians don't swamp the graves with flowers and candles as much as Poles do. :-) We didn't manage to see all the different kinds of cemeteries they have there, e.g. the Greek one :-/ but the Jewish one was great  to see as there were not htat many people there. The spot with graves of famous composers was obviosuly haunted by tourists, but I had been expecting even more of them, so the overall impression was positive. And, I got to know Kasia better. She is  a former English language student who is now studying Economy, and since she comes from my region of PL, we had a lot to discuss.
Friday was the moving-out day and I didn't get to see anything in the city. Instead, Kasia and another Erasmus student from Finland came for a movie-night. Among others, we watched Before Sunrise again (in English this time). Heh, this movie always provokes much discussion both about life, love and Vienna among Erasmus students. :-D
Yesterday was what i would call GELB TAG  (yellow day - guess why :-P). I went with two other friend to see Schonbrunn Gardens, as I was actually one of the very few people who had not been there before (so finding company  was not that easy :P) Anyway, I decided to see the palace only  from the outside that day and, taking advantege of the relatively good weather, go to the Tiergarden instead. Much as i love visiting castles, etc. i think we made a good choice. This Zoo was a bit different form the ones I've seen in Poland. And they have Koalas! And the famous baby Panda! Well, ok, tourists are only allowed to see his father these days, but still... All in all, I'm sure I need to go back to the gardens some time again. I already have a ticket to the Palmhouse, to be used within a year ;-)

Oct. 30th, 2007


If one person in my dorm is finally gonna move out of his room, then another person is gonna move into that room an I'm gonna take the room of the other person. Unless the portier leaves for the long weekend and we won't be able to check out properly. Riiiiiight. The never-ending process of arranging things... **I shouldn't have got involved into the moving business**
Anyway, my potentially new room is gonna be smaller, with poorer furniture, less equipped kitchen (no table!) but I think it's brighter and less noisy. I also do hope I won't lose touch with the fer Erasmus students from my current kitchen as in the new one there's gonna be only 2 of us (me and a Spanish girl). The rest is Austrian. Of course, Austrian doesn't meen bad or unfriendly, just not-the-Erasmus-one...

And now a pathetic story. The long weekend (4 days off) starts on Thursday and: one of my closest people here, Barbora, has left for the whole week to visit her boyfriend in England. Another Czech friend, Marcela is expecting her boyfriend tomorrow. The boyfriend of my closest Polish friend  here - Marta - is coming on Thursday. Ania is now in Poland, celebrating sth with her ... surprise, surprise...boyfriend. OK, I really think going to museums alone is better than in a group 'cos you may take your time,etc. BUT there are many other things to do here WITH OTHERS. A possible solution would be getting myself a boyfriend as well ;-) Right, just need to pick someone form the waiting list. Oh, right, there isn't any. Well ,ok , I have my phone and email book at least... So what are (the yet undefined) WE are going to do this weekend??

Oh, most probably my mum is gonna visit me for one day (10 or 11th Nov). Well, it's not the same as with a boyfriend but at least someone who loves me for sure... And I may be sure to get lots of delicious food from her...
OK.enough of this pathetic single girl crap.

The autumn is gorgeous! Why do I always have to carry so many other thing but I forget about my camera??!! I MUST have the city photographed.

They are already selling chestnuts here but I've decided (advised by Barbora) to wait with trying them out until it gets really cold and Christmas-like. I need the right atmosphere to enjoy them to the full. Or so Barbora said and I've been trying my best to believe her. I already lack strong will when it comes to chocolate here so I treat this as a remedial self-improvement exercise ;-)

Oh, I also wanted to mention I had a super Narionalfeiertag-sightseeing tour on Friday. Some national museums and the Parliament could be visited for free. Naturally, I couldn't say no. :-D

Oct. 23rd, 2007

I'll take the rain, I'll take the rain...

 As I know nothing more about my potentially new room 'cos (for quite dubious reasons, i'd say) it was not possible for me to see it yesterday, and sine the weather is getting colder and colder ( + it's raining cats and dogs right now!), I really feel like sharing some photos I took during my September trip to Melk and Wachau. How I miss the weather then...

Oct. 20th, 2007

(no subject)

Since it's the beginning of the  weekend I'm not gonna write in detail about the things that have been stressing me out lately, like some mess I still (!!!) have with picking the right subjects here 'cos I'm a poor strategist and  'cos my Uni. always "knows better," only does not inform me on time, etc. or about the fact that on Monday I'm finally gonna see my potentially new room, which I don't know if I want to move into 'cos I really don't feel like being an outsider on a new floor and in a new kitchen again. I'm still learning the names of the more-than-twenty people with whom I'm sharing my current one... I finally wanna feel like I have my own place here. I wanna buy a plant, I wanna make the room mine...
Right, I was supposed to write about pleasurable things, so let me start with a few photos, before I go to bed. (Tomorrow I'm planning to go to the Volksoper with Barbora and Marta... i need to get some good night sleep if I'm to STAND there for a couple of hours. Yeap, we're getting the cheap Standplatz)

Sep. 25th, 2007

(one foot) back in Poland

I'm back in Poland for a couple of days :-) I'm ill, busy but also very excited by the past 3 weeks in Vienna and by all what there is still to come.

Now it's finally the time to upload the rest of  my photos on my notebook and read, read and reeeead what has been happening around in the lives of my dear friends... My own LJ-update will come later. My life is not that important after all. ;)

Sep. 13th, 2007

herzlich willkommen

Today I told myself:  "No matter how tired I may be in the evening, I am finally gonna update my LJ." But since I'm actually about to fall asleep after yet another exhaustingly active day and i need to get up at 6 tomorrow to register for PE classes, I guess I can excuse myself for taking the easiest way round and starting with the post I began to write almost a week ago (and was wise enough to copy before my Internet got kaputt , as the Germans say). Huh, i can't believe it was such a long time ago... Anyway, here it is...

”Miracles happen. From now on I have Interent in my own room. Wunderbar!!!! I'm just wondering whether I'll have the time to use it :P There is soooo much going on right now that... No, no ,no I'm not complaining. NOT AT ALL!! The only thing that anoys me is the weather. It god bad yesterday and today it's raining heavily.
That is why I've decided not to take photos yet. Vienna deserves to be photographed in good weather in the first place. There'll be much time for rainy photos yet, I guess. Besides, i don't want to take photos in a hurry and I'm now on the go all the time.
My German course has already started and as yet my schedule has been the following: classes from 9:00 till 13:00. Then some shopping for food and a lunch (I'm trying to eat up all the food I have taken from Poland first so I haven't been to any restaurants or canteens yet). Then I do my homework , which is quite time consuming as we get many things to do. Fortunately, I was put in a proper group. The level I mean. We have started with Passiv and that is exactly where I've ended my self-study. My priority is to revise vocabulary as sometimes I actually don't remember the simplest words. But so do some of the others, as far as I've noticed. Phew :D Anyway, after I do my homework I meet with other people from my dorm and we party together. As yet all the parties were organized by ESN (Erasmus Student Network) so I got to know people from so many countries I won't even try to list them. If I may say that there are some with whom I hang out more than with others than these would be Karol, Ania and Kasia -  3 Poles who fortunately insist on speaking German/English most of the time. Yes, Poles are everywhere and I couldn't escape them. I didn't even try as they leave next door.). Then there is also a guy from Serbia, one from Norway and 2 girls from Hungaria and my roommate from Switzerland.  As we live on the same floor and share the kitchen, we spend quite a lot of time together... "

So, this is where my unfinished post ended and in general I'd say the first week was mostly INTEGRATIVE (new people,  new places, parties...) and the second one has turned very ADMINISTRATIVE. All day long I'm busy if not with my German course than with various bureaucratic stuff I need to do to register into the courses that I want to attend.  My co-ordinator (a very nice lady as far as I can say after our first meeting today) offered me some help but since I'm attempting to have courses at 3 different departments, I need to do most of the registration myself. Busy, busy,busy…

I hope the third week will finally be more sightseeing-oriented 'cos as yet I've only been to Oberes Belvedere to seen my beloved Klimt and to Freud's Museum, because it is in the neighborhood :-D I'm not loosing hope of finally finding the time to put some details and photos here ;) I have also visited the dorm where I'm gonna live since October. Not the best one I could expect and far worse than my current one but anyways...
Oh, and I've also seen the Pope, who happened to be in Vienna last weekend. And on Saturday I'm going to Melk, Wachau and I hope the gorgeous photos of these places that I've seen on the Internet were not improved in PhotoShop ;-) The weather got a little bit better today and I hope the sunny sky is here to stay for some time and that I can finally take some photos with my lousy camera.

**As I have just noticed, the word ‘hope’ has been used so many time in this post that it  says it all: I’m really looking forward to my time here!!! Yet, some many times when I was excited by something here I wanted to share my feelings with you all immediately… I miss you, despite all the business I have here…**



Sep. 1st, 2007

so this is it: I'm leaving to Vienna...

... (first to katowice from where my train departs) in about an hour and I should reach Sudbahnhof at about 6:00. Then I need to get to my hostel. Sounds easy, but when I look at my huuuuuge and heavy suitcase I have doubts. My meager knowledge of German only adds to the general feeling of anxiety. But there's no turning back. Nope, not after all the trouble. Having survived this last busy week, full of goodbyes, errands, etc. I need to believe Vienna won't swallow me :P
I'll be back ASAP. Luv U all!

Aug. 24th, 2007

herbal cure, all-cure, faith-cure... anything!

Yes, I'm yet another person with a mild cold. I mean, I hope it's mild, even though the cough is killing me. It's so hot outside and so many people have cold... Blah. I dream of ice-creams but I need to be healthy before I leave to Vienna. I've even managed to persuade myself that the mysteriously tasting pectoral species my mum has bought for the cough are a must and will cure me. Absolutely. :P

What sucks most is that I'm a bit less energetic due to the cold whereas I actually have so much to do, e.g. today was mostly spent with my mum on repairing, narrowing, shortening (...) some of my clothes. There are things to buy or arrange, e-mails to be written... The fact that I depend on my parents when it comes to funds and some arrangements doesn't help. Nor does my limited access to the Internet.

How I wish I were in Vienna already. Once I have my own budget (limited as it will be) and a safe room with proper Internet, a fascinating city and friendly people around I'll be fine. And I hope no herbal brews will be needed :P

Tomorrow is the last meeting of my self-defence group. Don't worry, I did not join the odd populist Polish political party called Self-Defence (Samoobrona). No way. I'm not sick enough, even now.  :) I've simply been attending free summer classes in self-defence for a few weeks. I have no idea why I forgot to mention that in my last LJ post... The classes are organized annually by the municipal police in Tychy. I had always wanted to join but the dates never suited me and my summer plans.  Huh, staying at one's hometown in the summer has some good sides after all...  Anyway, I'm now hoping to experience some kind of a medical miracle that will cure my cold overnight and allow me to go to the last meeting, at least to get my dyploma ;)

IMPORTANT NEWS is that I finally have an account on Skype.  In case you're there and I can't find you, you can find me as karolinakle I do hope it will work. Haven't had the chance to arrange a test-talk with someone yet...  

Aug. 19th, 2007

armchair travel

Yes, I'm still alive, just that my PC was broken for some time or we had no Internet connection or there were awful storms and we had to disconnect our freshly repaired Internet connection or, finally, there was little connection or, I should say, communication between me and my dad and I didn't feel like visiting "his" TV room which is the only place in my house with the above-mentioned faulty access to the Internet. Blah...

Anyway, some nice things happened since my last post, such as a one-day trip to the nearest mountains, but otherwise I generally stay at my hometown creating lists of all the little things to do and buy before my departure to Vienna, visiting the few friends from secondary school that are in Tychy at present (most of them is somewhere abroad now), watching movies and GG. Yessss, the long-awaited 7th season is finally on Polish TVN7... Sadly, it started 2 weeks ago and with one episode per week I will only manage to watch the first four. Heh...

Oh and I'm trying to learn German, but in a house/garden full of people it is more trying than learning. I'm suffering from a shortage of both motivation and free/quiet time as for about 3 weeks I'm surrounded not only by my family but also our guests: my uncle and aunt + my 3 cousins + 3-5 of their friends who visit us every day - morning till late afternoon - to play table tennis in our garden ('cos that's the only unoccupied space left at our place :P ). Yeap, the sound of table tennis ball is haunting me every day, but well, at least someone is using our old table tennis equipment :)

What else? I'm doing my best not to read all the academic books that I honestly should read during the summer to finally gat an idea on what to write my Master's thesis about. Instead of reading psycholinguistic e-journals I'm occupying myself with travel books and biographies of travellers. And I'm eagerly making up for my absence here, reading travel accounts of my LJ friends. I know it's only armchair travel. Yes, it is a substitute, but actually a very very good one (Thank you all for the pics!). It is a remedy. And I don't care that the armchair is uncomfortable or that it's in my father's room. Not anymore. I'm already far away...

2 weeks to go and I'll be starting my 3-week language course in Vienna... Der, die, das...

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